Meet the Team: Sarah Loboda

Sarah Loboda, M.Sc. student at McGill University, is today’s “Meet the Team” profile!_________________________________________________________________

I conducted my own project about salt marsh spiders during the last year of my undergraduate studies at the Université du Québec à Rimouski and since then I love spiders! Spiders play a key functional role as terrestrial predators and can be used as bioindicators.  The Northern Biodiversity Program gives me the chance to study my favourite taxa in amazing sites in Canada’s north. The first theme of the project is to compare the structure of communities in different ecoclimatic zones and my role is to conduct this analysis for spiders. Also, this project allows me to compare different life history traits, like size or fecundity, at different latitudes. I’m a member of the second team who will go to Goose Bay, Schefferville and Hazen Lake. It’s really exciting to go in three ecoclimatic zones in the same summer!  To sample ground dwelling spiders, pitfall and pan traps will be placed in two habitats (wet and mesic).   Identification to the species level will require a microscope to observe sexual morphology. This laboratory work will be done at McGill University after the field season.

If you are passionate by spiders and you have any questions, send me an email (!

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