Team Kug is on the tundra

Hello from Kugluktuk, Nunavut!

Team Kug’s work is well underway…Angut, the high school summer student acting as Crystal’s field assistant/guide, has proven to be an invaluable source of local knowledge.  The team has been navigating the tundra trails on ATVs, locating sampling sites.   Two of the standardized trapping grids are now established; you can see in the picture below that the landscape is very different than that in which the other teams are currently working.   However, as barren as it may seem, the land is actually bursting with spring growth, including many beautiful wildflowers.

A lonely Malaise trap next to the lake

The Malaise trap set yesterday (pictured above) already has a good catch of mosquitos, while the pan and pitfall traps are successfully snagging many wolf spiders and ground beetles, as well as small flies.   Bumblebees have been sighted, as has a butterfly.  The team will set up the final grid tomorrow, then hopefully start some opportunistic sampling. 

There are many beautiful aquatic habitats dotting the landscape; but they’ll have to thaw a bit more before any sampling can take place!

Ice on S Lake

2 responses to “Team Kug is on the tundra

  1. i’d like to do something on your research for the nunatsiaq news ( can you send me an email to set up an interview??? jane

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