Team Moose has a close enounter…of the Polar kind!

In the words of team leader, Doug Currie:


We’re now into the home stretch at Churchill!  Today was ‘Aquatics  Day’, and tomorrow we decommission our traplines.  This afternoon’s  collecting activities were interrupted when a polar bear suddenly appeared from a thicket of willows — less than 200m from where we were picking one of our aquatics samples.  As our attention was focussed intently on the sorting trays, it was fortunate that our Bear Monitor was keeping a watchful eye!  We quickly gathered our gear and walked briskly towards the vehicle, which was parked some 50 meters from where we were collecting.  The bear was evidently only curious about us, and retreated back into the willows, only to reappear again as we drove away.  We finished sorting the sample in an open tundra site, well away from our uninvited guest.

And here’s the proof…wow!

Polar bear at Churchill, Manitoba


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