Some teams have all the luck…

We’ve received a final update on Team Moose’s activities in Churchill, Manitoba. While some of us are still dearly hoping to see some of the larger, four-legged arctic fauna, it would appear that the gang in Churchill is incredibly lucky…perhaps too lucky?  Thank goodness for bear monitors! 

From Doug Currie, team leader: 


Hello All, 

Team Moose successfully completed its final day of collecting in Churchill. Our timing was good as there now seems to be an inordinate number of bears in the area. 


Today we saw a total of five bears, including a sow and two cubs. None of them were close enough to seriously disrupt our activities; but we noted that the sow and cubs were headed in the general direction of one of our traplines.  Sure enough, we later discovered that the cubs had great fun chewing on our yellow pan traps! 


Our only close-range visitor was a single large caribou that skirted a trapline as it headed toward Ramsay Lake. We weren’t sure whether it was trying to avoid the biting flies, or whether it was trying to escape something larger. Fortunately, we were once again accompanied by Carley, our ever vigilant bear monitor. 

Tomorrow is repacking day. And on Thursday we board a late morning flight to Winnipeg. Anna, Jana and Patrick will carry on to Iqaluit for a further two weeks of fieldwork, where they will be joined by new Team Leader Chris Buddle. Meanwhile, Doug will try to even-out his ‘farmer tan’ in Toronto, before departing for warmer climes in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Team Moose as they enter into the final leg of their 2010 field season! 

Patrick, Anna, Jana, Carley - the last day in Churchill, Manitoba

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