Bugfest at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

On Thursday, Team Knife spent the evening at the Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, where Bugfest 2011 was taking place.

The crowd starts to gather for Bug Fest at the Yellowknife Northern Heritage Centre

Bugfest participants gathering outside the Heritage Centre

Each team member managed an activity station featuring a different type of insect collection method or expertise.  The outdoor fun was followed by a great talk by Chris Buddle.  The event was well attended and well received by the very enthusiastic participants of all ages.

Check out the article featured on Yellowknife Info for details and photos! 

“A Buggy Good Time”

2 responses to “Bugfest at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

  1. Thanks for Bugfest – and for linking to my post 🙂

    We were at Long Lake Friday and found couple of large leeches there, which is sad as this is Yellowknife’s swim spot.

    I suppose warmer temperatures might lead to an increase in the leech population? (Though we’ve had terrible spring weather so far.)

    • Liz, I’ve asked my colleagues (the ones you met at Bug Fest) and we’re stumped! None of us have a lot of direct experience with leeches, so we’d only be guessing. Many insects and other arthopods are very sensitive to temperature and their populations can be affected by warming trends. While this may prove to be true for leeches as well, I’m not comfortable making any assumptions 🙂

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