The process of collecting insects and spiders is in fact relatively simple compared to the difficulties often involved in identifying, sorting, preparing, and curating them for long-term management. Our collaborators are well aware of these challenges, and the in-kind support they offer reflects this. Click on the links provided for more information on each partner.


The main funding for this project comes from a Strategic Project Grant from The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). This grant, titled Ecological Structure of Northern Arthropods: Adaptation to a Changing Environment represents our key funding source for completing the first phase of the Northern Biodiversity Program – specifically, this funding (together with our collaborators) will allow our teams to sample arthropods at twelve sites that were part of the NIS, and allow us to make significant progress on all four thematic areas.  (

The Biological Survey of Canada ( has also provided key support for our project including direct assistance with website development.

We also thank Canada’s Polar Continental Shelf Program ( for significant logistical support for the Lake Hazen portion of our project.

Governments, communities, and collaborators

Our key collaborating institutions include the following:

The original NIS specimens are housed primarily at the Canadian National Collection of Insects (, and our project would not be possible without significant support from the CNCI and its research scientists.

The Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding ( will be assisting our project with Theme 3.

The Canadian Museum of Nature (

This work would not be possible without significant interest and support from all the Northern Communities, associated governmental support:


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