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Team Goose in Resolute

Members of Team Goose arrived safely in Resolute, Nunavut – the last stop before reaching their final destination at Lake Hazen.  Unfortunately, fog and inclement weather often dictate the movements of those wishing to travel by air in the north, and our Hazen-bound team is, well, earth-bound for now.  They seem to be making the most of their stay in this tiny hamlet, however:

From team leader Donna Giberson:

Hi guys… still in Resolute, and possibly won’t get out tomorrow; they’re not sounding hopeful, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed.

We signed out a vehicle this afternoon, to take a look around (very very tiny place, and not much to see in town), and the Parks Canada archeologist came along to take us to a local Thule site; it was very neat.  It is partially reconstructed, and she gave us a really nice background to it.

Thule archaeological site

One of the Parks guys did a project on Linyphiid spiders here many years back for Paul Hebert, and did a bunch of pitfall trapping.  There is very little vegetation here, and it is sparse indeed.  It is mostly gravel, and Andrew (our Parks guy that did the spider study many years back) says that all of Cornwallis Island is a big gravel pile.  There are some scattered matts of low vegetation but with a lot of gravel in between, and he said that even the “lusher” sites aren’t very lush, at least compared to Ellesmere Island.  We did see a fly (in the cold and wind and fog).

Chilly-looking shoreline at Resolute

So, we’re here for the night at least, and still hopeful for tomorrow.  The P.M. is due here next week; hopefully we won’t still be here.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!