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Tales from the field: aquatic sampling, exploding malaises, black flies attack!

Updates were received from Teams Moose and Goose today…here they are in their own words: From Chris (Goose):

Hi all – good day for team goose today – got all four streams done and 1 of 2 ponds. Caught some HUGE stonefly larvae.  It was a bit warmer today and we snagged some leps, hover flies, and packed four vials with black fly larvae.  The team is pretty tired but in good spirits- we do our first check of pans/pits etc. tomorrow.

And from Doug (Moose):

In the spirit of the World Cup, I must report that the black flies are having a field day with Jana.  Although she wore her bug jacket today, it seems that she neglected to zip the hood up.  The results of this neglect are amply illustrated in the attached pic.  See especially her beet-red ear.  Anyway, I hope Jana will soon have an opportunity to wreak revenge on their babies!

Also attached is a wider shot of the “exploding head” malaise trap,  showing the site characteristics.  I don’t think we could have found a  better site for snagging tabanids!  Today we found a considerably more  mesic site where we deployed the rest of the pan and pitfall traps.  We also found time to sample the “stream pond”, which yielded quite a few caddies, mayflies and odonates (among other things).

Boy, Doug wasn’t kidding about poor Jana’s blackfly encounter -0uch!  Let this be a lesson to you all: don’t forget to zip!


Images from the field

We’ve finally heard from Team Moose…the work is already well underway!  There’s just one problem: there are TOO MANY BUGS!!!

Malaise trap explosion! (Photo credit: Jana)

Ha.  I’m kidding of course; there can never be “too many bugs”.  That said, this is one of their Malaise trap catches after a mere 8 hours.  I hope they brought extra whirl bags!

Team Goose has also discovered an overabundance of biting flies…the bug jackets we were instructed to pack have been coming in handy…

The jacket hoods came down long enough for a visit with some local children:

Team Goose also sent along some photos of the beautiful scenery near one of their sampling sites:

And they’re off!!!

The NBP field season officially kicked off today with the departure of “Team Moose” and “Team Goose”! 

Team Goose (consisting of Sarah, Meagan and Christine), arrived safely in Goose Bay, Newfoundland earlier today.  They will be joined by team leaders Donna and Chris in the next few days.   This is the first of three stops for the team.  After Goose Bay, they travel northward to Schefferville, Quebec, and wrap up their journey with a two-week stop at Lake Hazen, Nunavut.   All three locations will be intensively sampled, for both aquatic and terrestrial arthropods, for a two-week period.  Our months of planning, preparation and training are finally being put to the test! 

(L-R) Sarah, Christine and Meagan are thrilled to start their journey!


Team Moose (Patrick, Jana, Anna) and their team leader, Doug, will soon arrive in Moosonee, Ontario – the first leg of their journey.  After two weeks of collecting, they will move on to Churchill, Manitoba, then Iqaluit, Nunavut.  Hopefully we’ll get an update from them soon! 

The last member of the NBP team, Crystal, will be flying out to Kugluktuk, Nunavut, in a week’s time.  With the help of Angut Pedersen (a resident of Kugluktuk who has been attending school in Ontario), Crystal will be conducting the same intensive two-week sampling regime three times over the course of the summer along with her own experiments.  She and Angut will also be working within the community to develop training opportunities for students, and to create a scientific collection of locally significant insects.NBP team members have an incredibly exciting summer ahead of them – this is surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!